Thank You, God, for Grandma by Amy Parker


Thank You, God, for Grandma-Now matter what I do, I know she’ll always love me, and …Grandma, I love you too!”

Thank You, God, for Grandma is a soft covered board book written by Amy Parker, Illustrated by Rosalinda Lightly. It follows a grandmother bear with her 2 cub grandchildren while they explore Grandma’s house, dress up in her clothes, play hide-and-seek, bake treats, play and sing. The story also shows how Grandma cares for the cubs and teaches the bear cubs about caring for others. Each set of pages has a short rhyming poem relating to Grandmother.

This adorable little book is just 20 pages long. The story is very cute. It is the perfect length to read to a young child. The pages are so colorful and have a lot of details within them to make for a conversation between the reader and the child. This is a great book for describing the relationship between a grandma and her grandchildren. This book will help little ones realize the special gift God has given them – their grandma. The book is the perfect size for toddlers hands to hold. The cover and pages are easy to clean and very durable. This would be a cute book to have in the home to help teach the youngest of children about their grandmothers when they are not able to see them often.

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20 Pages

ISBN: 9780718089252

Thomas Nelson Publishing

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Life After by Katie Ganshert


Life After, written by Katie Ganshert, is a very powerful novel. Autumn Manning is the only survivor of a train explosion that took the lives of twenty – two other people. It has been a year since the explosion and Autumn is still struggling with getting on with her life. The story takes us through the different events that help her get her life back on track.

Paul Elliott’s wife was one of the victims. Right after the explosion, it is believed that Autumn is his wife and he is called to the hospital. When is become evident that she is not his wife, his daughter begins writing letters to her. Paul’s daughter, Reese, reaches out to Autumn without her father’s knowledge.

Reese is struggling with the lose of her mother. She makes a suggestion to do a memorial of the victims. Autumn gets involved with this along with her ex-boyfriend. As she works on the memorial, she starts getting pieces of her memory of that day back. She takes a job and is slowly starting to live again. When the memorial video does not turn out the way Autumn expects it to, she tries to change it, ruining it.

This is a very powerful story. It deals with the subjects of violent attacks, murder, dealing with the death of a loved on and survivors guilt. What we see in this story is that after the loss of Reese’s mother, Reese changes her memories to what she wishes they really are. We see Autumn wondering why she survived when no one else did.

I really enjoyed reading this story and would recommend it to  anyone who enjoys reading contemporary  fiction. There is just the right amount of suspense in it to keep the readers attention as well as some romance.  The Christian references within the story are very mild.  This is a really good story!

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books. I have chosen to write this honest review.

352 pages

ISBN: 9781601429025

Publisher: Watherbrook Publishing

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An Amish Home – Four Novellas


An Amish Home is a book containing four novellas.

In A Cup Half Full, written by Beth Wiseman, Abram and Sarah Lantz were in an accident. While Sarah was in the hospital, Abram remodeled their home to make it wheelchair friendly. To do this he worked less hours, maxed out their credit card and borrowed money. Shortly after Sarah goes home, Abram loses his job and the lender is calling to get his money back. Sarah is also struggling with adjusting to her new life.

Home Sweet Home by Amy Clipston, is a story of an English couple that are evicted from their home and have no where to go. Chase’s Amish boss offered them to life in the daadihouse on his property. But when their daughter gets sick, Mia goes home to ask her parents for help. Once again they turn their backs on her.

A Flicker of Hope, written by Ruth Reid, introduces us to Thomas and Noreen King. They have been married for fifteen years and their marriage is struggling. Their house burns down, taking almost all their belongs. Their neighbors come together to help them out. They move into the bishop’s daadihaus. While there someone goes to their farms and steals what little they have left.

Building Faith, by Kathleen Fuller, is a story of a young couple who are engaged to be married. They are building their home and each of them talks to someone about building their cabinets, without the others knowledge. Faith enjoys working with her grandfather’s tools doing woodworking. Silas, has taken on his father’s woodworking business to allow his father time to spend with his mother. Faith and Silas were at one time engaged. Now they are thrown together to build their friends’ kitchen.

If you like Amish stories, you will love this book. Each of the stories are around 100 pages long. They start with a glossary of the meaning of the Amish words and contain discussion questions at the end. They are stories that can easily be read in one evening. The end of the book also included Amish recipes. These stories give us a look into what the Amish life is. As well as the traditions they follow. With A Cup Half Full and A Flicker of Hope, we see how family and neighbors come together to help out in times of crisis. My favorite story is Home Sweet Home. In this story we see a blending of the Amish and English lives and see the love of others despite their religious background. I enjoyed reading all these stories as they show us the strength each couple has and how they rely on God during their struggles.

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ISBN: 9780529118691

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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The White Knight The Lost Kingdom & The Sea Princess by Judy Carlson

judy carlson.jpg

The White Knight The Lost Kingdom & The Sea Princess is a story of a lost kingdom, a girl that was turned into a mermaid and the White Knight.

As young children Prince Lael and Estarianna are planned to be married. One day while the families are on a boat, Estarianna falls into the sea and is not seen again until years later when she arrives at the side of Prince Lael boat as a mermaid. Legend has it that if you look into the eyes of a mermaid you will be mesmerized by them and throw yourself into the sea. With this at the back of his mind, Lael tries not to be taken with her. But they are seen together and she throws herself back into the sea to get away.

Clara and Ian arrive at their grandparent’s home in Minnesota. Clara has gone to the attic to look around as he mother had told her stories of the attic. Ian follows her up there and find a door. When he opens it they are both pulled through and taken to the Lost Kingdom. Here they are given assignments of which Ian is to capture the princess from the tower.

This is a fun book to read. There are many characters and the author has written a description of each at the beginning of the story. I did find it a little hard to keep up with them all during the action scenes. There is a lot that takes place in this story, and it has a lot of action and suspense as well as romance. The underlying theme in the story is building of morals and helping others.

This is a Epic Fantasy Fiction book and will be enjoyed by those who enjoyed reading about mermaids, Pegasus, prince and princesses. Judy Carlson, a Minnesota native, has written in a touch of her home state within this enchanting story.

I received a copy of this book from the author Book Club Network. This is my honest review.

472 Pages

ISBN: 9780983195757

Publisher:  Nordskog Publishing, Inc.

The Calling by Rachelle Dekker


The Calling, by Rachelle Dekker, is book 2 in A Seer Novel series. Carrington Hale was a Lint working as an Authority Worker and Remko Brant was a guard at CityWatch. While at CityWatch, Carrington went to meetings led by Aaron, who would talk about God, referring to him as Father. Some of those that attended his meeting chose to flee CityWatch.

Carrington and Remko were among those who fled. They married and now have a daughter. Remko is the leader of the Seers. He does not have the same faith and beliefs in God that Carrington does. A small group of the Seers sneak back into CityWatch to try to rescue prisoners facing death. While on a mission, a group of Seers find a building that is used to house people who are being used as test subjects.

The guards for CityWatch are also trying to locate the Seers. They are given a tip and capture most of the Seers while Remko is away. He has no idea where Carrington and his daughter are.

This is a futuristic novel. It is fast paced and has a lot of suspense. I enjoyed this book, it was hard to put down. I wanted to keep reading it to see what was going to happen. It was nice to read about the strong faith some of the Seers had and the sacrifice they would give for others.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.

Series: A Seer Novel – Book 2

464 Pages

ISBN: 9781496402271

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing

Newton & Polly by Jody Hedlund

Newton & Polly, A Novel of Amazing Grace is a fictional story of Polly and John Newton written by Jody Hedlund. The author has done research to bring us a very touching story of their courtship based on true facts.

John Newton had just visited his uncle and was on his way home when he heard Polly singing. He followed Polly Catlett and her aunt to their home. The Catlett are relatives of his mother and he spends time with the family. He helps with teaching the children and doing things around their home, while getting to know and falling in love with Polly.

John is suppose to report to a ship to go to Jamaica and work for 5 years but he just cannot get himself to be away from Polly that long. When he gets back to his father’s home, his father is upset but helps find him another position on a boat. John spends his time in bars and drinking and has little respect for the Christian life. While visiting Polly he ends up in a bar instead of going home and finds himself being forced into the Royal Navy and not being able to see Polly for 5 years.

Polly’s father does not feel John is the right man for Polly, that he is irresponsible and without means to support her. Polly is a very dedicated Christian who spends hours on her knees praying. John’ father has lots of friends in the shipping field and keeps trying to get John jobs that he neglects. And John wants to become the man that Polly needs, he wants to earn the money that he feels he needs to convince her father that he is able to care for Polly.

This is an outstanding book! The author has written this book so life like. I got so caught up in the story that I felt I was on the ship with is rocking in the storm. I like that the author used the biography of John Newton as the basis for this story. I enjoy reading historical fiction that is based on facts. I had known some of the background of John newton prior to reading this story but this story brought it so much more to life. This is much more than a romance story, this is also a story of a father’s love for a wayward son. This is a great book that anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction would enjoy.

I receive a copy of this book from Blogging for Books. This is my honest review.

400 pages

ISBN-13: 9781601427649

Publisher: WaterBrook

Beyond Suffering Bible NLT by Joni and Friends, Inc


I received a request to read and review this Bible.  At first I ignored it wondering how I would read and review a whole Bible.  But when I reread the email the night after sitting in the hospital another day with my very ill son, I knew I had to read it.    But when I got it, I found that it was written more along what I had to deal with.  At the end of the Bible portion of the book are articles written by various people.  One of the first I read was “The Constant Distraction”.  I felt I was reading my story!  Having suffered an injury over 15 years ago, I have lived with constant pain and had to learn how to manage the fine line of what I can do for how long and how often and still be able to live a fairly normal life.  Other articles that really spoke to me were “How to Be a Loving Friend to Those Affected by Disability” and “Becoming a Welcoming Church”.

The Bible is the New Living Translation, which is very easy to read and  understand.  It contains a users guide to help the reader use the Bible.  It also includes ten reading plans that are broken up into five  to 7  readings.  The reading plans make the Bible a very good choice for small group Bible Studies.   I really enjoyed “Growing Spiritually Through Suffering” and Praising God Through Suffering”.

The books of the Bible start out with a short over view of the book, who wrote it, when and it’s purpose.  The over view also lists the suffering and disability themes in the books.  Through out the books are Connection Points to help the reader understand specific verses.  There are also profiles of the authors and people in the  Bible books and additional writing within the books to read more in depth.

I am so glad I decided to accept this book from Tyndale Publishing.  It has replaced the Bible I have used for years.  It is so easy to read and understand.  I really like the additional readings and Connection Points added to the books.  I have found myself rethinking what I have read several times.  And I enjoy the background of the Biblical people that is in the Profiles.  I especially enjoyed reading Joni Eareckson Tada’s story.  She gives so much encouragement to so many people just by how she has moved past her disabilities.

This Bible is not just for the person living with illness or injuries, it is for anyone who knows someone struggling with illness or injuries. We all know someone that struggles with these and this Bible is great for the caregiver, support person and friends as well.  I feel this would be a great addition to any church Bible Study ministry, to reach out and show they care.

If I could find one negative to say about this specific edition of this Bible, it would be that the pages are so thin. Turning the pages is a little hard when laying down.  I am afraid they might rip.  But this Bible is available in other formats.

Thank you to Tyndale Publishing for allowing me to read and use this Bible, this is my honest review.

1696 pages

ISBN:  978-1414395586

Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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