The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy


The Accidental Guardian is the first book in the new High Sierra Sweethearts series by Mary Connealy. The story takes place near Lake Tahoe, Nevada in 1867. This story combines my favorite topics, building America, men who take responsibility for those they love, all with suspense and a touch of romance.

Trace Riley was away on a hunt when his wagon train was attacked. At the age of 15 he was left all alone to survive. Years later he is on his way home from his first cattle drive when he comes upon a small wagon train that was hit the same way his was. What he does not expect to find is Deborah Harkness and her younger sister with 2 small children who survived. With no place for the new survivors to go, until they can travel in the spring, he takes them to his ranch. He gives them the less than perfect house to sleep in and the men sleep in the barn. With a lot of quick, hard work, his ranch hands put up a proper home as well as a bunk house. The women take on the responsibility of meals, laundry, and mending for the men.

Trace watches over the wagon trains for disaster. When he goes to talk with settlements to find those responsible, Deborah insists on going along. She is the only one who saw who the attackers were. One of the attackers is in the town and overhears the conversation with the sheriff and now Deborah and Trace are being hunted.

I loved this story! I look forward to the rest of this series to see who the next two sweethearts are. The things that stand out in this story to me are the way men treat the women, “Most men in the West treated women with almost reverent respect. There were just too few women. They were rare and precious and to be protected above all.” We also see how Deborah’s father has shaped her life and her thoughts of men. And we see how dedicated the ranch hands are to Trace and build up his ranch. This is a must read for anyone who likes historical fiction based in the United States.

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Series: High Sierra Sweethearts (Book 1)

293 pages

ISBN: 9780764219290

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No Less Days by Amanda G. Stevens


No Less Days, written by Amanda G. Stevens is a story of 5 people who were treated with a specific drug following an injury or illness, to save their lives. Each are now over a hundred years old and cannot die. David feels he is all alone. When he reads about a stunt man, Zachary Wilson, who fell to what should have been his death but lived, he goes to talk to him. This is when he meets others like himself and finds out how this all came about. He has had to keep his secret all these years and is now finding he wants to share it with his employee and friend Tiana.

This is a great book to read. It is full of suspense, with just a touch of romance, and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. The story also made me wonder, if someday a discovery was made to not age, would we really want to use it. What would it be like to never be able to get close to those around you, to lose so many friends and family member as well as to see so many wars and tragic events? This is a great story and I would recommend it to those who enjoy speculative fiction. This book also contains some good discussion questions that would make it a good book for reading groups.

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318 pages

ISBN: 9781683225515

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The Theory of Happily Ever After by Kristin Billerbeck


The Theory of Happily ever after is a fun comedy romance story by Kristin Billerbeck. Dr. Maggie Maguire has written a best seller on finding happiness and is under contract to write a second book. She is dumped by her fiance and co-worker and spend the next couple months at home watching TV. Her friends and publicist book her as a speaker on a “New Year, New You” cruise to the Gulf of Mexico. Her friends have to drag her from her home to get to the cruise. One of the first people she meets is a handsome man, Sam, who feels intelligent women can’t be happy.

This was a fun book to read, to take you away for a while. While the story line is the typical man and women meet, don’t like each other then quickly fall in love, the author has written the story with fun comedy. With this story, Maggie and Sam have both lost someone they love and are having trouble moving on with their lives. This story does a good job of showing that how we respond to our struggles affect others in our lives. I would recommend this story to those who enjoy contemporary romance.

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273 pages

ISBN: 9780800729448

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The Land Lord by Cheryl Colwell


The Land Lord, by Cheryl Colwell, is a very fast paced political thriller. The story focuses on current day Washington D. C. and a threat to over throw the president. In 1948 China’s landlords were killed by peasants and the Communist party took over their land. Now in present day USA, the Chinese are buying up land and businesses at an alarming rate. The United States is being controlled by more Chinese than Americans. The President has turned to Secret Service agent Dain Ryder and Lian Chen from the People Republic of China for help in finding who is behind this. But who can they trust?

I enjoyed reading this story. The suspense and intrigue was very intense and kept the story moving very fast. I did have a little issue will all the characters who just showed up without good introduction. Once I figured out who they all were, I really got into the story. Some of the things in the story that stand out for me are; Lian grew up in China where the Christian faith was not practiced. She is now meeting with the President of the US and he is helping her understand. Another is that Dain’s family members were missionaries to China. His grandfather was killed and father was severely hurt. Dain is now having to put his feelings toward those from China aside and work with them to find who is trying to take over the United States. I think anyone who enjoys political thriller will enjoy this story. There is so much action and suspense to keep the readers interest, yet there is also a touch of romance to make the story lighter.

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330 pages

ISBN: 9780997079128

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Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter

_225_350_Book.2554.cover (1)

Honeysuckle Dreams, by Denise Hunter, is book two in A Blue Ridge Romance series. This is a good story of a single father, Brady, who is fighting to keep his infant son, Sam. His ex-wife died and now her parents want Sam. Their daughter tricked Brady into marrying her when she found out she was pregnant with another man’s child. His friend, Hope, cares for Sam and arrives while Brady’s attorney is there. The attorney interprets the situation as Hope and Brady being engaged. The attorney tells Brady that being engaged will help him keep Sam. The judge rules in Brady’s favor at the first trial. The attorney tells Brady he should be married by the time the next trails comes, to keep Sam. When Hope finds out, she volunteers to get married. She was in love once, the young man died and she never wants to be in love again. She feels marrying her good friend, Brady, and helping raise Sam will be enough for her.

I am really enjoying this series. The story is fast paced and I did not want to put the story down. This story brings back characters from the first story, which I enjoy. The thing in this story that really stand out for me is that Brady was left by his mother when he was little and now Brady wants to make sure Sam is not treated that way. He wants Sam to grow up with a father that loves him. I also appreciate the feeling Hope has and her struggle with faith to move on and let herself truly love Brady. I think anyone who enjoys contemporary fiction will enjoy this story.

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Series: A Blue Ridge Romance (book 2)

306 pages

ISBN: 9780718090524

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When God Says Go by Elizabeth Laing Thompson


When God Says Go, written by Elizabeth Laing Thompson, is a book dealing with women’s issues and spiritual growth. The author tells the story of people in the Bible who were called by God to do His will, to help the reader to choose to “go” when God calls. The books has 12 chapters that consist of a stories of people in the Bible such as Moses, Mary Magdalene, Esther, Samuel, Peter and Mary the mother of Jesus. The author also uses personal experiences and Bible verses. Each chapter ends with a discussion session, “Let’s go deeper”, which include reading recommendations for further study as well as items for consider for journaling and prayer.

This would be a great book for a Bible Study or discussion group. I like how the author tells the story of the people from the Bible and with their reactions to being called to do God’s work. The things that stands out the most for me in this book is that when God calls us, it is not about us, it is about God. When He calls us, He wants our all. Another thing that stands out for me is that we do not get to choose when changes will come into our lives, but we do get to choose how we respond.

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.”

222 pages

ISBN: 9781683225553

The author writes at about “clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life.” She is also a minister, speaker, novelist, wife and mother.

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Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry


Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry is a very touching story of the strength and endurance Billy Allman has to fulfill his dream. AS a young boy, he was caught in a devastating flood. With his father’s illness, Billy spent a lot of time with him. His father taught him how to play the mandolin. This talent allow Billy to join a band. But this was not the experience he thought it would be. Billy leaves the band and works at radio stations. When he loses his job, he plans to get his own Christian station. Meanwhile, Billy has an angel that is assigned to him to observe and protect Billy.

I enjoyed reading this book. Billy has had so many things in his life that could have changed his faith, but he has stood firm and does what ever he has to in order to being about the plans of a Christian radio station. Billy’s strength and endurance is very encouraging to read. The story has drama, suspense and romance.

385 pages

ISBN: 9781414319575

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Her Reluctant Hero by Anne Greene


Her Reluctant Hero by Anne Greene takes place during the swinging 60’s. Josh saved Laura from a fire at her parents home. Both Josh and Laura attended the same school. Their friendship grows and they are engaged to be married when Josh is set to deploy to Vietnam as a search and rescue pilot. Most of these pilot do not make it home. With this in mind, Josh breaks off the engagement. Now he is back home and working a job so he can fly on Laura’s flights as much as possible to get back together.

Laura is working as a stewardess. During the 60’s, stewardesses were thought to be young women who were out to catch a rich husband. They dressed in mini skirts and go go boots. Laura is very reluctant to renew her friendship with Josh.

This is a nice historical fiction novella that gives a reader a look into life during the 60’s. Both Josh and Laura have kept true to their beliefs and do not get caught up in the casual life style of the time. I enjoyed reading this story. It is the perfect length to read in an evening. I think anyone who enjoys reading Christian fiction/romance will enjoy this short story.

I received a copy of this book from the author, through Book Club Network, this is my honest review.

86 pages

ISBN: 9781980368526

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An Amish Heirloom by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Irvin


An Amish Heirloom is a book with four stories. Each of the stories focuses on young couples in Amish communities who reunite.

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston is a story of a girl who is getting ready to marry. She has an ex-boyfriend repair her grandparent’s rocking chairs. With the wedding quickly approaching, she is questioning if she is marrying the right person.

The Cedar Chest by Beth Wiseman is a story of a young married lady who goes to get a box of books from her parents basement. She sees an old cedar chest with a broken key that has been in her family for years. She and her mother open the chest and find letters. The letters tell the story of her great grandparents.

The Treasure Book by Kathleen Fuller is the story of a young lady who is called to help an elderly friend of her aunts while she is recovering from a sprained ankle. The elderly lady plays match maker and the young lady gets reunited with a young man she knew from back home.

The Midwife’s Dream by Kelly Irvin tells us the story of a young midwife who desires a family of her own but has yet met the right man. One day a brother of her friend brings a young couple to her who are having a baby. The young couple disappear and leave the baby behind with a beautiful old baby quilt. The young midwife seeks help from the friend’s brother to help locate the parents.

Each of these stories are easy to read stories, a good length to read in an evening. Each of the stories is built around a old object that has been kept for many year and has meaning. Each of the stories also deal with the struggles young couples have to build a firm foundation for their relationship. I enjoyed how when the young ladies would start questioning their love for the men in their lives, their mothers would be there to encourage them and help them realize love takes work, it is not always easy and even marriage that look perfect have their struggles. I feel this book would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys reading stories of the Amish and their faith.

I received a copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing through book look bloggers, this is my honest review.

380 pages

ISBN: 9780310351887

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Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton


Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton is an amazing story of family relationships. Betsy and Jenna are sisters who were raised by career focused parents. Betsy and her husband Ty are the owners of Franklin Dairy Farm in southern Alabama. The farm has been in Ty’s family for years. When he was just 15 years old his grandfather informed him it would be his one day. After eight years of marriage, Betsy and Ty have been unable to have children and are working on accepting this.

Jenna is the younger sister who has always been a free spirit. She is a single mother of two little girls who works at at coffee shop. Jenna has always loved photography, but has put that aside to make a living for her family. A friend encourages her to apply to an art retreat and she gets accepted. With no one else to care for her children, she takes them to Betsy for the two weeks of the retreat. While at the retreat, she is invited to spend the rest of the summer there.

Betsy and Ty are having many struggles. Betsy is trying to move past not being a mother. She did not consult Ty before taking Jenna’s girls and Ty is upset about this. When Jenna does not return when she says she will, Betsy and Ty wonder is she will come back for the girls. It is soon hurricane season and Ty and his crew are busy preparing the farm to possible damage. Having survived other hurricane’s they know what to watch for and how to prepare.

This is a great story that focuses on family and doing what needs to be done for family. This story is so well written, it is easy to get lost in it. The story touches on real life issues, such as infertility, single motherhood, and doing what is needed. The things in the story that stand out to me, are how Betsy has taken on projects to help the farm. And, that with going to the retreat, Jenna is able to think of ways she can have a job to support her family as well as find time to pursue her love of photography. But the thing that stands out the most are the memories the sisters have of their childhood, of having each other for support when the parents were too busy for them. Especially the memories of Betsy trying to talk her parents into allowing Jenna pursue photography I really think anyone who enjoys modern day story of family relationships will enjoy this book. While this book is published by Thomas Nelson, a Christian publishing company, there is minimal Christian references. The only references are going to church and praying.

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391 pages

ISBD: 9780718084257

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