A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren


Don’t for a minute think that God has forgotten about you or doesn’t have your back. And don’t base God’s love or desire to help you on your opinion of yourself. Base it on who God says he is.”

A Matter of Trust is book three in the Montana Rescue series written by Susan May Warren. This book centers on PEAK Rescue team member Gage Watson. Gage was a champion backcountry snowboarder who was forced to end his career after a fan was killed while following Gage down Outlaw Mountain. Since then he has been working as a ski patrol in Montana.

While at Outlaw Mountain Gage met a fan, Ella Blair. Ella was part of the legal team working for the dead fan’s family. Now she has come to Montana to try to talk her brother, Ollie, out of dropping out of college to be a snowboarder. Ollie has been training and studying Gage’s videos. Now he and his friend are going to snowboard Gage’s route on Heaven’s Peak. When Ella finds out she insists Gage go after them and she insists she goes with him.

Ella has brought along her friend, Brette. Brette is a freelance writer that is out to get any good story she can. While Gage and Ella are on the mountain, Brette meets the rest of the PEAK Rescue team members and realizes there are hero stories for each of them.

This is a great action packed story that is full of suspense right from the beginning and continues to the end. The story keep me reading to see if the snowboarders would be able to make the jumps without getting hurt. And if they could beat the weather conditions to safety. One of the things I enjoyed most about this story was reconnecting with the PEAK Rescue team. I also liked the theme of forgiveness in the story. Gage struggled with forgiveness when he learns more about the incident that changed his career.

This is a contemporary Christian romance story written in such a way it could be enjoyed by anyone. Written by award winning author, I think anyone who enjoys reading contemporary stories will enjoy this story. I really like reading Warren’s stories and this series does not disappoint. While this is part of a series, and would be best read in order, it is not necessary as background is given from previous stories.

I am very thankful this story was available for review from Revell Publishing. This is my honest review.

Series: Montana Rescue (Book 3)

336 pages

ISBN: 9780800727451

Publisher: Revell

To learn more about the author go to: http://www.susanmaywarren.com/

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My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude’s Mooring by Carrie Fancett Pagels


Do whatever you believe is right.”

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude’s Mooring is written by Carrie Fancett Pagels. This is a nice story that takes on Mackinac Island in 1895. Years earlier Maude’s grandmother had made the stipulation that her family companies would pass down to her family. Even if their spouses ran the businesses, they would not inherit. Maude’s mother recently died, and now the running of the inn is to pass to Maude. Maude’s father does will not allow her to run the inn unless she is married. The man Maude is suppose to marry has just returned to the island with a wife. Maude secretly takes a job at another in to prove to her father she can run the inn. Her father plans to move off the island with her brother Jack, so Jack can prepare to run in the Olympics when he is old enough.

Ben Steffan has been sent to the island to get a newspaper story. He is working undercover to write a story about men who pursue wealthy women. One of the couples he is trying to get a story on is Maude’s intended. If he is able to do this he will receive a promotion.

This is a really fun story to read. I really enjoyed reading the mischief Jack managed to get into. The story is so well written I could see Jack flying off the bike, or running around the town getting into trouble. I felt sorry for how Maude’s father had worked hard all the years to run the family businesses and now he is left having to start a new life.

The story is fast paced and has a lot of characters. The characters are introduced in a way that it is easy to follow along with them. I enjoyed reading how Maude’s father was able to reconnect with a special childhood friend and that she was able to help Maude’s father understand things he never knew about. The story I think anyone who enjoys reading Christian historical romance stories will enjoy reading this story. The story also has some mystery written into it as well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Series: My Heart Belongs

256 pages

ISBN-13: 9781683220886

Publisher: Barbour Books

To learn more about the author go to: http://www.carriefancettpagels.com/

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Night Night, Train by Amy Parker, illustrated by Virginia Allyn


God’s creation all around-

He cares for us, big and small.

We rest peacefully knowing that

His hands hold it all.

Night Night, Train is written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn. This is an adorable little bedtime story using cute animals and a train to help relax little ones. The story follows a puppy family as they get their tickets and ride the train to Sleepytown on the night night train. They get their seats and have a yummy dinner. They read their favorite book and get ready for bed before saying their prayer and going to sleep.

I really like this book. I love Amy Parker’s stories for children. The illustrator of this book has done an awesome job with adorable colorful pictures that will get even a baby’s attention. I like that the little mouse and little red train are in many pictures so little ones can look for them. It is written for ages 3 to 5, but I feel any child that likes trains will enjoy this book.

This is an adorable little book, just perfect for the young child. With cute pictures and rhyming poems, it will help relax the little one to help them fall asleep. The size of this book is the perfect size for little ones to hold and with just 20 pages, the perfect length to read to them. The soft cover and hard pages are shiny and durable to last a long time and is easy to wipe off.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers and have chosen to write this honest review.

Series: Night Night

20 Pages

ISBN: 9780718089320

Publisher: Tommy Nelson

To learn about the author and books she has written go to: http://www.amyparkerbooks.com/home.html

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Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl


And God, we still have questions. Would love to have answers, if at all possible.”

Dark Deception is book two in the Defenders of Justice series written by Nancy Mehl. Four years earlier Kate O’Brien and her twin were attacked, leaving her sister dead. Kate was the witness in the trials and has since been in the witness protection system. She lives in Shelter Cove, a small town, and owns a restaurant. One day she has someone knock on the door of the restaurant before it opens. It is Tony, the marshal who was with her through the previous trials. The murderer has been released from prison and Kate is their only witness for a new trial. And now there is new evidence that points to him not being the killer.

Kate has not been as safe as she thought. She is abducted and taken into the mountain by the murder. The local resort owner saw them leave and takes Tony into the mountain to save her. While Kate is on the mountain, she was forced to face her greatest fear. But it began to grow weaker and the fact that God loves her, got stronger.

This is another awesome suspense by Nancy Mehl. I just love this story. The story started out and just kept moving with twists and turns that kept me wondering. As new evidence is found out, I was kept wondering who really was who. Those involved had changed their names and as the story evolves, the connections to those murdered are revealed.

This book is part of a series and some of the characters from the first book are mentioned, but the main characters are new. Two of the characters from the first book are engaged in this book, so reading the series in order is best. But other than that it can be a stand alone story.

I think anyone who enjoys suspense will really enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing and this is my honest review.

Series: Defenders of Justice (book 2)

320 pages

ISBN: 9780764217784

Publisher: Revell

To learn more about the author go to: http://nancymehl.com/

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On Love’s Gentle Shore by Liz Johnson


Forgiveness isn’t reserved for the ones who deserve it. God gives it freely, and we should do the same.”

On Love’s Gentle Shore is book three in the Prince Edward Island Dreams, written by Liz Johnson. Natalie O’Ryan grew up in Prince Edward Island. Her father was a drunk that ran around with women and her mother abused her. Her family was gossiped about and she was picked on a lot. Her best friend was Justin Kane. They spent a lot of time together growing up in the light house on the Kane farm. They had a deal that they would stay together, but Natalie could no longer put up with the abuse and gossip, she left Prince Edward Island with intentions to never return.

Natalie is engaged to Russell a record producer in Nashville. Russell is the brother of Adam, who lives in Natalie’s home town. Russell has decided that they will get married there. They arrive in Prince Edward Island weeks before the wedding to plan the wedding but when something goes wrong with a recording he rushes back to Nashville and leaves the planning of the wedding to Natalie with the help of Marie, the owner of the Inn where they are staying and Justine, the owner of the barn where the reception is to be held.

While preparing the barn Natalie and Justin work through why she left unexpectedly and Justin finally finds the note Natalie left him. Natalie’s father returns to the Island and wants to apologize to Natalie. She wants nothing to do with him. Natalie is visiting with Marie, when she finds out Marie’s father was not good to her and has never offered to apologize. Marie points out that God forgives and we should to.

This is a good book, that has the theme of forgiveness running through the story. Forgiveness to Natalie’s father for not stopping the abuse she suffered. Forgiveness to Natalie for leaving Justin without saying goodbye.

This is a great end to the series. The characters are very well defined and the story is so descriptive. I want to visit the area, stay at the Inn and taste all the great food! I can almost hear the water and see the light house beacons. This is a series that is best read in order, but the author give information to help the reader know what happened in earlier books. I really think this series would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys reading contemporary stories. The story has just enough suspense to make me want to not put it down until I was done reading it. This is a Christian romance and done very nicely. It is not preachy and the romance is not overwhelming.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing. I have chosen to write this honest review.

Series: Prince Edward Island Dreams (book 3)

352 Pages

ISBN: 9780800724511

Publisher: Revell Publishing

To learn more about the author go to: http://www.lizjohnsonbooks.com/

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The Berenstain Bears: Bless Our Gramps & Gran by Mike Berenstain


Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” – Proverbs 17:6

The Berenstain Bears: Bless Our Gramps & Gran is part of the Living Lights series, written by Mike Berenstain. The cubs have just returned to school for the school year, when they find themselves gloomy on a rainy afternoon. They are gloomy because they have homework. Papa tries to cheer them up mentioning Halloween, but that is two months away. Papa tells them there is a very important holiday just a few days away. He tells the cubs Grandparent’s day is the Sunday after Labor Day.

The family talks about all the things the cubs do with their grandparents, like fishing and going for walks. They talk about the things the grandparents have made for the cubs. One of those things is a Noah’s Ark play set. The cubs decide to make a very special gift for their grandparents. They write a story of Noah and his wife and grandchildren.

This is a cute story. I really like how the story shows how the family researched Noah’s family and how the cubs show the family. It shows Japheth with his wife and children, Ham with his wife and children and Shem with his wife and children. The cubs have also given Noah and his wife 16 granddaughters to go with their 16 grandsons that are mentioned in the Bible.

I also like the suggestions at the end of the book of things to do to celebrate Grandparents Day. My children loved Berenstain Bears when they were young and I look forward to sharing this book with my grandchildren. I think this is a great book, and series, for families with young children.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and BookLook Bloggers. I have written an honest review.

Series: Living Lights Series

24 Pages

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

ISBN: 9780310748441

Publisher: Zonderkids

To learn about the Berenstain Bears and the authors visit: http://www.berenstainbears.com/

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Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall

The voices in her head grew louder. One group said money was evil and poverty was God’s will, that made people rely on Him more. Another group shouted louder than the first, saying that it was not from the Enemy.Still more voices said that being poorly due to a lack of education. A dozen more camps were heard, and Ariana was powerless to sort them out. 

Gathering of Threads is the third and final book in The Amish of Summer Grove series written by Cindy Woodsmall. I really enjoyed reading this series, I consider it one of the best. To follow the story, the series needs to be read in order. This book finishes up the story extremely well. It answers all the questions I had while reading the series. Especially those surrounding Quill leaving five years earlier and why he and his brothers could not visit their mother. It explains some of the strict Old Order Amish rules and how they affect people. It also explains the history behind why the Brenneman family has struggled financially.

After sending several months living in the English world, Ariana returns home with so many options going through her mind. It just seems like everything she does upsets her father, boyfriend or the bishop. She is not allowed to work in her restaurant or go to help Quill’s mother like she use to. While she stays at home she is able to go over the restaurant books and when she is allowed to work there, she is able to expand the business. She also re-establishes her friendship with Quill and helps him with his volunteer work.

Skylar has been with the Brenneman’s while Ariana was gone and she has been able to get off of drugs. She has found her place in the family and working in the restaurant. She manipulates situations like getting new plumbing for the family and makes trouble for Ariana. As time goes on she decides to go back to school and help others.

I really enjoyed this book. It shows how the girls were able to learn from their experiences and rise above the difficulties. One of the points that I especially liked in the book was how the community came together to help correct the wrongs the bishop had done over the years to hurt Ariana and Quill’s families. The story contains enough romance for those who enjoy romance stories, but it is not overwhelming for those who do not. It also contains some suspense to keep the interest while reading. There were many times I did not want to put the book down.

I received a copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah as part of the Cindy Woodsmall Launch Team. This is my honest review.

Series: The Amish of Summer Grove (Book 3)

352 pages

ISBN: 9781601427038

Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah

To learn more about the author and books she has written go to: http://www.cindywoodsmall.com/

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Fraying at the Edge by Cindy Woodsmall


Fraying at the Edge, book 2 in The Amish of Summer Grove, written by Cindy Woodsmall is a must read! Ariana and Abram Brenneman and Skylar Nash were born twenty years ago. Ariana and Skylar were accidentally switched after their births. Ariana was raised in the Old Order Amish life style and Skylar was raised in the English life style without any regards to the Christian life and split her time between the people thought to be her mother and step-father and father and step-mother.

After one of the Brenneman’s son saw Skylar and noticed the strong resemblance to his sister, the family started an investigation. When it was found out that the girls were switched at birth, Nicholas, Ariana’s biological father insisted Ariana spend a year with them. If she didn’t he was going to file charges against the persons involved in the babies’ births. Skylar was given the option to go into rehab for drug abuse or go live with her Amish biological parents.

This is such a good book. It is so sad to see how the girls have been forced to leave the lives they grew up with and are now forced into new lifestyles that they know nothing about. And how will they feel after adjusting to their new lives, will they be able to go back to the life they grew up with? This is not the ordinary “simple” story that so many Amish stories are. We are given a glimpse into the feelings that some non-Christians have toward the Amish and their life style. This book is so well written it actually feels like two stories in one. I appreciate the strong faith Ariana clings to during this difficult time. Her strength comes out when she discusses religion with Nicholas, who does not believe in God. I also appreciate the love the Brenneman family gives to Skylar during her struggles.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Series: The Amish if Summer Grove (Book 2)

352 pages

ISBN-10: 1601427018

ISBN-13: 9781601427014

Published by WaterBrook

For more information on the author and to see what other books she has written go to:http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/authors/72213/cindy-woodsmall/

To read more about this book and read the first chapter go to: http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/books/242925/fraying-at-the-edge-by-cindy-woodsmall/

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Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall



Ties That Bind is book 1 in The Amish of Summer Grove Series written by Cindy Woodsmall. Twenty years ago three babies were born at an Amish birthing center as a fire swept through the center. As Lovina was waiting for her baby to be born she embroidered baby’s feet on the baby blankets that her baby would be wrapped in. Lovina and Isaac had twins, a boy and a girl. While the young English girl had a baby girl. It has bothered Lovina for a long time that her little girl, Ariana, was not wrapped in the blanket she embroidered for her. She questioned this but was told the blankets got mixed up.

Ariana family was poor and her dream has been to open a restaurant to help raise money to help her family. She and her twin, Abram, have been saving for years and now they have just a very short time to come up with the rest of the money.

Five years earlier Ariana’s friend quill left the area with her friend. Ariana thought they had left and gotten married, but they didn’t. Quill’s mother is ill and Quill has sneaked back to visit her. Since Ariana helps his mother, she found out Quill was back. While they were visiting, Quill suggested she have a fun raiser to get the money for the restaurant.

Ariana’s other brother Mark is building stage pieces for a school play when he sees a girl that looks just like his other sister. He tells his parents and they have Quill investigate whether this could be their daughter and if the girls could have gotten switched at birth.

This young girl is Skylar Nash. She has been raised by her mother and step-father and father and step-mother. Her father is much older than her mother and was married at the time of her birth. They had an affair when her mother was young and though he would leave his wife for her. Skylar is a very talented actor and musician who struggles with drug addiction and keeping up with her classes.

This is the beginning of a great story that takes place both in the Amish and English world. It is not the typical simple Amish story. I really like how this story shows us rules that the Amish have and how it affects them. We see a young family that is considering leaving the Amish way of life. But we also see a big loving family that work together and help each other out and prays for each other.

Anyone who enjoys reading Amish will enjoy reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and I have written an honest review.

For more information on the author and to see what other books she has written go to:http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/authors/72213/cindy-woodsmall/

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Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid

_225_350_Book.2305.cover.jpgYou’re godly people, right? You’ll take good care of her. I can trust you, right?

Abiding Mercy, written by Ruth Reid, is the beginning of An Amish Mercies Novel series. This story is of a very young girl, Adriana, who was kidnapped by her nanny. The nanny has taught the little girl to call her Mum so it appeared the child was hers. The nanny left her with Irma and Mordecai, an Amish couple, thinking they would not go to the police. She told the couple she would be back for the little girl, but never returned. The couple raised her as their own along with their other little girl, Olivia, who named her Faith.

The story moves forward 15 years and the girls are now helping Irma at the restaurant. Olivia works as the waitress and is not as dedicated to helping as Faith is. When their Amish parents are in a buggy accident, it is Faith that works the hardest to keep the business going. Olivia was courting and planning to marry Gideon, but has chosen not to be baptized. Now Gideon has become friends with Faith and helps her out with washing dishes and taking care of her parent’s animals while they recover.

One day a reporter comes to the restaurant and takes a photo of his food to write an article in the paper. The day the article is printed, a story is also printed about the young girl that went missing 15 years earlier. That article contains photos of Faith when she was taken and what she could look like now. There is a reward and someone reports that Faith resembles the photo. The police show up and take Faith to return to her biological parents and her Amish parents are held for questioning and can have no contact with Faith. Her biological mother quickly changes Faith with new clothes and hairstyle.

This is a must read story for anyone who likes to read about current events such as abductions. The story is filled with the theme of loving and helping others. It also contains a little romance and suspense. The story is part of an Amish series, but it also includes a lot of the English world. The story bounces back and forth between 15 years ago and today as well as between Faith’s biological and Amish families. I really enjoyed reading how well adjusted Faith is in her faith and walk with God. At just over 16 years old she is already preparing to be baptized. And she is very devoted to her family and helping her parents. When she is forced to live in the English world she goes along with what her biological mother wants even if she doesn’t want it. Yet she knows when she is old enough she can return to her Amish life.

The points that stand out for me are the repeated visits by a red haired man. I get the feeling the author has written him in to resemble God, as this man is very helpful, positive and encouraging to those he speaks with.

I received a copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers. I have written an honest review.

Series: An Amish Mercies Novel (Book 1)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780718082444

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

To learn more about the author visit: http://ruthreid.com/

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