Little Tim and the Magic Apples by Hillie Jeffery & Illustrated by Nathalie Kranich

My Review

Little Tim and the Magic Apples, by Hillie Jeffrey and illustrated by Nathalie Kranich, is a beautifully illustrated book for children that will help teach them about believing in the power they have inside of themselves to be kind and strong.

I enjoyed reading this story to my little ones. The main characters are a little boy, Tim, who didn’t feel big and strong enough, and an apple tree who produced magic apples to help him see the magic he had inside himself. I especially enjoyed the beautiful pictures and the humor the talking tree adds to the story. The message is nice to help a young child to find the strength they have to be confident in themselves.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

A magical rhyming picture book perfect for building confidence for the first day of school and for building friendships.

Little Tim feels too small to join in with his friends and is left behind. Until one day an apple lands on his head…

Together, Tim and his newfound friend, a magic tree, build up his confidence, kindness and sharing skills until Tim is playing happily with lots of friends. Eventually Tim discovers that really, the magic power of friendship was in him all along. Perfect for children starting school or preschool, this beautifully illustrated rhyming book is a fun way for children to learn about growing up with confidence and self-esteem.

About the Author

Hillie Jeffery has been writing stories and poetry ever since she can remember.

Her first book of poetry for little ones was published in 2016, inspired by the birth of her beautiful niece.

Full-time Content Director, half-time dreamer, and part-time blogger, she does her best writing under trees or in bustling coffee shops.

When she’s not strolling the streets of sunny Tel Aviv, she can be found reading, hiking, practicing yoga, cooking, or sharing interior design advice.

You can learn more about her and this book at

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These Simple Gifts by Jennifer Sienes

My Review

These Simple Gifts, by Jennifer Sienes, is a heart warming Christian Christmas romance that is well written and easy to read. Annalee experiences a terrible incident years earlier that changed her life and sent a man to prison. She is busy with her business and a charity event when she gets informed he is out of prison. Nick is a well known musician who has left the music industry and has been asked to play at the charity.

This is a sweet Christmas story that has suspense and romance. I like how important family is to both main characters. I also enjoyed how things that happened in their past has made them the people they are today. Yet, it is also fun to see how over hearing a simple truthful conversation sets Annalee on a mission to return to her old self. It was fun to see how she blossomed with these changes.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Book: These Simple Gifts

Author: Jennifer Sienes

Genre: Christian Christmas Contemporary Romance and Southern Fiction

Release date: November 8, 2022

This year, Annalee has more ugly to deal with than you can find at a Christmas sweater party.

After eighteen years of living in the shadow of danger, shame, and regret, preschool teacher Annalee Prichard just wants to keep life safe and simple. It’s worked so far, but her best friend has other ideas and guilts Annalee into helping with a Christmas charity event. When the event’s entertainment backs out, it’s up to Annalee to convince her high school crush, Nick Daniels, to step up and step into the gig.

Nick Daniels has never been accused of having but one oar in the water, and he learned the hard way that pride truly does come before a fall. He sacrificed everything to achieve the fame he desired above all else. But after hitting rock bottom, he returned home to Bedford County, clinging to a mustard-seed-sized faith.

That’s when homely Annalee Pritchard shows up, convinced he’ll be willing to flirt with fame once again—all in the name of Christian charity.

Nick’s friendship has Annalee grinning like a fool. Could there be more to life than shame and shadows? Could this be her most blessed Christmas ever?

Little does Annalee know that her fearsome past is about to rear its ugly and perilous head and drag her and Nick down together.

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About the Author

Jennifer Sienes holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in education, but discovered life-experience is the best teacher. She loves Jesus, romance and writing–and puts it altogether in inspirational contemporary fiction. Her daughter’s TBI and brother’s suicide inspired two of her three novels. Although fiction writing is her real love, she’s had several non-fiction pieces published in anthologies–two in Chicken Soup for the Soul. She has two grown children and one very spoiled Maltese. California born and raised, she recently took a step of faith with her real-life hero and relocated to Tennessee.

More from Jennifer

Who doesn’t love a good redemption story? The bad boy (or girl) gone good. My husband and I have recently started watching the television show Nashville. Yes, I’m aware it’s probably considered a prime-time soap opera, and it certainly wouldn’t come close to passing as “clean” television, but we were hooked from the very beginning. Why, you might be asking? First and foremost, the talent on this show is absolutely amazing. Take it from someone who can’t carry a tune to save her life, I am enamored with people who can sing like the actors in this show. The second reason we enjoy it is because it was basically filmed in our backyard. We live an hour south of Nashville, and it’s always a treat to recognize your own surroundings on television. I remember my mom was a big fan of The Streets of San Francisco back in the day, because she worked in this city and the scenery was familiar. I don’t think the fact it starred Michael Douglas hurt either.

How does this connect to a redemption story? One character in Nashville, named Avery Barkley, starts out as someone that’s hard to stomach. Self-centered, arrogant, and immature. He reminds me of Nick Daniels in These Simple Gifts and Night Songs. So much so, had I been watching the show before I wrote Night Songs, I would’ve believed that I based Nick off of Avery. However, that wasn’t the case.

And just like Avery in Nashville does a 180-degree (albeit slow) switch in his character, so it is for Nick Daniels in These Simple Gifts. Redemption is every bit as attractive to me as romance. I love that we are all just broken jars of clay that the Lord shapes for our good and His glory, if we’re sensitive enough (and broken enough) to recognize it.

I didn’t care much for Nick when I created him—and neither did my readers. More than one church lady-fans gave me an earful about how much they didn’t care for him. But if I know one thing it’s that no one is all good or all bad. We are a combination of our upbringing and choices (both right and wrong). And until we leave this earth, God isn’t done growing our character. I like to believe anyone can be redeemed given the right circumstances and a heart toward the Lord. Even Nick Daniels.

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Waiting on the Tides by Tabitha Bouldin

My Review

Waiting on the Tides , by Tabitha Bouldin, is the twenty ninth book in the Independence Island series. These are stories written by six different authors that take place on five different islands. While these are great stand alone stories, characters from previous stories are brought back, so it is best to read them in order. With this story the author brings back characters from her previous books in the series.

With this story we meet Abby and Christian. Abby is an assistant teacher in the school where Christian’s daughter goes. When illness and school closures arise and Christian has no one to watch his daughter, he turns to Abby.

This is a well written, easy to read story. I especially enjoyed catching up with the characters from the author’s previous stories in this series and the changes that have happened in their relationships. It was fun to see how Christian was so devoted to both his daughter and his job. Striving to advance in his job, he has to realize what is most important at this time. It’s also fun to see how caring Abby is and how willing she is to help Christian in his time of need.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this story, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Book: Waiting on the Tides

Author: Tabitha Bouldin

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: November 29, 2022

People are more than the sum of their mistakes.

After a life lived in her older brother’s shadow, Abby Solomon is ready to take on the world—or at least a teaching position that puts her face to face with the one guy who thinks she’s nothing more than an immature nuisance.

When his daughter’s mother abandoned them, Christian Johnson swore off women and the trouble they bring. No wife—no drama. Just how he likes it.  But as Christian struggles to juggle his job as a cop with raising his daughter and tracking down a runaway teen, he’s forced to ask the one woman who reminds him of his wife for help.

Abby is thrilled with the opportunity to show Christian that there’s more to her than what he thinks. But just as Christian begins to trust Abby, she makes a colossal mistake that threatens to ruin everything.

She just wanted to be accepted.

He wanted to be left alone.

It’ll take a runaway teen to show them that love is not measured by a single mistake.

This Breakers Head novel is Tabitha Bouldin’s final book in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

Tabitha Bouldin is a student at Southern New Hampshire University, where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), she works with critique groups and provides endorsements for other authors. Tabitha’s genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart. Tabitha spent ten years working as a Medical Assistant before God opened the door which allowed her to become a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom and author.

More from Tabitha

I knew by the second story I wrote for the Independence Islands series that Christian needed his own book. I put him off until the end because we had a lot to unpack with his character. He’s a single dad who will do anything to keep his daughter from feeling the sting of abandonment. He’s also determined not to allow another woman into his life out of fear that she’ll leave them and break his daughter’s heart. He’s not worried about his own, since he considers himself too calloused to care.

I needed a heroine who was strong and fearless, and a little bit of sunshine to his grump. She also needed to push against the constraints Christian made in a way that by the time he figured out he cared it was too late to go back. Nothing could ever be the same for him.

Enter Abby.

Some of you may remember her from book one, Mishaps off the Mainland. Zeke’s little sister is fresh out of college with all of the world before her, and all she wants is to make a difference for the children she teaches. When the child most in need of her attention happens to be Christian’s daughter, sparks fly.

Writing Abby and Christian’s story was equal parts humor and angst, but I love the message running under the romance. Expectation is not reality. What you think you know about someone because of their age or the way they look is not truth. Truth lingers in the details, in the actions and the small, everyday things that are often overlooked.

Christian had to learn to look deeper, and in the writing of his character, so did I.

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Three Cowboys and a Baby by Kate Pearce

My Review

Three Men and A Baby, by Kate Pearce is a contemporary romance story. When Sky’s mother is delayed due to natual disaster, and his grandmother travels to Florida, his father, Dave, is left to care for him alone. Dave has a deployment approaching with no one to take his son, so he secretly takes him to old friends and leaves without notice. When Jen returns from deployment, she is left wondering where her young son is as she travels across country to find him, twice.

This is a nice story in that is shows the brotherhood of military members as well as the emotional aspects of deployments. It also brings out the seriousness of the extra responsibilities military members have when they have families. I also enjoyed the relationships between Luke, Noah and Max. I especially liked how Noah stepped up to care for the young child. The story is nice in showing how everyone works together to get through the storm that leaves them stranded on the ranch when disaster strikes. This would be a fantastic story to read, but I felt the use of curse words and detailed sex was too much.

I voluntarily received a ARC copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Inspired by the 1980’s classic hit, Three Men and a BabyNew York Times bestselling author Kate Pearce introduces a trio of former Marines-turned cowboys working and living the ranch life. Everybody knows a real cowboy doesn’t back down from a challenge—even when that means midnight tears and diaper changes for an unexpected arrival…

When an old military buddy turns up at the ranch he shares with two friends, Noah Harding never imagines the friend will skip out overnight and leave his baby boy behind. Noah will have some choice parenting advice to offer when the baby’s mother turns up, but until then, he’ll do his best to take care of the little one. Yet when a relieved Jen finally tracks down her son, Noah realizes the story is more complicated than he thought. And soon, so are his feelings for Jen . . .

Jen Rossi doesn’t expect much from her unreliable ex, but she’s shocked to return from an extended mission and discover he’s abandoned their son with three men she doesn’t know. Not that Noah isn’t doing a good job as fill-in daddy. In fact, there seems to be very little the straight-talking cowboy can’t do. And with a winter storm settling in, and close quarters making it impossible to deny their chemistry, this temporary solution might just become the key to forever 

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kate Pearce was born in England in the middle of a large family of girls and quickly found that her imagination was far more interesting than real life. After acquiring a degree in history and barely escaping from the British Civil Service alive, she moved to California and then to Hawaii with her kids and her husband and set about reinventing herself as a romance writer.

She is known for both her unconventional heroes and her joy at subverting romance clichés. In her spare time she self publishes science fiction erotic romance, historical romance, and whatever else she can imagine. You can find Kate on Facebook and Twitter.

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Passages of Hope by Terri J. Haynes

My Review

Passages of Hope, by Terri J. Haynes is book 10 in the Doors to the Past series by Barbour Publishing.  This is a series of stand alone stories written by different authors that focuses on different parts in American history. This is a dual time-line story that focuses on a family connected to the Underground Railroad. Grace inherits the her grandmother’s home and follows the dream she shared with her grandmother. As she has the home renovated to made it a yarn shop, they find a hidden door to an underground room.

This is a nicely written story that gives a look into the danger the participants of the Underground Railroad put themselves and their families in. It is fun to read of the steps and safety that had to be taken and even then not everyone made it out safely. It was also enjoyable to read of the family dynamics and how Grace’s uncle could not deal with losing her mother and how that affected him and the relationships he had with her. I especially enjoyed the suspense with the working of the Underground Railroad and how realistic the story is with Grace and her struggles after losing her mother. When she is busy trying to close out the estate and open her shop, she totally forgets about receiving mail. This leads to issues that she needs to attend to immediately and properly to avoid losing the home.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this story, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Book: Passages of Hope

Author: Terri J. Haynes

Genre: Christian Fiction / Historical / Romance

Release date: November, 2022

Discover the Story Behind a Secret Passageway

Walk through Doors to the Past via a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure.

Gracie Kingston begins renovations on the Philadelphia house inherited from her grandmother and finds a secret room. It is connected to a house nearby, the home of William Still, the man known as the father of the Underground Railroad. As she researches, she discovers a mystery in her house’s ownership. In 1855, Olivia Kingston helps a mother and her young child by hiding them in a secret room in her home. As she helps, she learns that there may be an impostor conductor in their community. As Gracie’s and Olivia’s stories intertwine, they learn the meaning of sacrifice and love.

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

Terri J. Haynes, a native Baltimorean, is a homeschool mom, writer, prolific knitter, freelance graphic artist and former Army wife (left the Army, not the husband). She loves to read, so much that when she was in elementary school, she masterminded a plan to be locked in a public library armed with only a flashlight to read all the books and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As she grew, her love for writing grew as she tried her hand at poetry, articles, speeches and fiction. She is storyteller at heart. Her passion is to draw readers in the story world she has created and to bring laughter and joy to their lives.
Terri is a 2010 American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contest finalist, and a 2012 semi-finalist. She is also a 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist. Her publishing credits include: Cup of Comfort for Military Families,, the Secret Place Devotional,, Vista Devotional, and Publisher’s Weekly.
Terri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and a certificate in creative writing and graphic design, meeting the minimal requirements of being a geek. She and her husband pastor a church where she serves as executive pastor and worship leader. Terri lives in Maryland with her three wonderful children and her husband, who often beg her not to kill off their favorite characters.

More from Terri

Family, Underground Railroad, two strong Black women, and knitting in one book? Yes.

As an author, I explore my world with curiosity. I find many subjects interesting and it shows in this book. It’s not often that an author can combine such a range of topics in one novel. I’m so glad I got to do it for this one.

In addition to being an author, I am a knitter, crocheter, indie yarn dyer, business owner, unofficial historian, wife, mother, and sister. At first glance, all those things seem too different to combine in one book. But they weave together so perfectly.

Life is a tapestry of many colors knit together and my goal was to show that. That family and history, grieving and crafting, struggle and triumph, are all entwined threads. Their vibrancy can be combined to create a beautiful project, the pain and joy both add hue and color to life. This is what I hope you find in this book.

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Strike to the Heart Blog Blitz

Strike to the Heart Series JustRead Blog Blitz

Welcome to the Blog Blitz for the Strike to the Heart series by Danielle Grandinetti, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


To Stand in the Breach

Title: To Stand in the Breach

Series: Strike to the Heart

Author: Danielle Grandinetti

Publisher: Hearth Spot Press

Release Date: September 13, 2022

Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense, Christian

She came to America to escape a workhouse prison, but will the cost of freedom be too high a price to pay?

1933, Wisconsin – Large animal veterinarian Katy Wells takes her patients’ welfare personally, so it’s no surprise when she stands up to angry farmers planning a milk strike or takes in an injured draft horse to save its life.But after a visitor from the past discovers her location and reveals a threat, she must choose between her work and her freedom, and whether to trust a man to keep her safe.

To Stand in the Breach is the prequel novella to A Strike to the Heart, releasing April 2022.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookBub

By Danielle Grandinetti


Excerpt 2
“I’ll be just fine.” He gave her a smile that slowed her thoughts and patted the hand he held to
his cheek. “As you said, slaps will usually stun someone, but also make them angry so that they
grab your wrist. Like this.” Joey moved his hand down her arm until his fingers wrapped around
her wrist, making her arm seem frail, thin.
Katy swallowed.
“His focus will be on the point of contact—your right arm. That means, you need to use your left
“To do what?” Her heart pounded in her head, throwing off her concentration.
“Stomp. Hard.” He winked. “See how when I grab your wrist, I aim to pull you toward me?
Instead of letting that get you off balance, use the momentum to stomp harder. Try it.”
“I can’t hurt you.”
“I’ve been stomped on by a cow. You won’t hurt me.”
“That’s not comforting.”
Joey laughed. “Come on, try it. On three, I’ll pull you toward me.”
Katy nodded. On three, he tugged, and she landed her heel on his instep.

Joey hissed. “You’ve got a heel on that boot.”
“I’m sorry!” She jumped back.
“No. That’s good.” He kept a gentle hold on her arm. “You want to cause pain.”
“Not to you.”
“I’ll feel better if I know you can handle yourself. Lil and Amy grew up with brothers, and Lily can
shoot a shotgun better than me. I know they can handle themselves. Your turn to learn.”
“I’m not one of your sisters.”
“No, you most definitely are not. So don’t hold back. Please.” He cleared his throat of the
emotion lacing his words. “After you stomp, you’ll have bent them over, giving you aim to land
an elbow in their nose.”
“I’m not going to—”
“If it’s your life on the line, you will. That’s my point, Katy. Someone determined to harm you
needs to be dealt with and not compassionately. Understand?”

Strike to the Heart

Title: A Strike to the Heart

Series: Strike to the Heart

Author: Danielle Grandinetti

Publisher: Hearth Spot Press

Release Date: September 13, 2022

Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense, Christian

She’s fiercely independent. He’s determined to protect her.

Wisconsin, 1933―When a routine mission becomes an ambush that kills his team, Craft Agency sniper Miles Wright determines to find the persons responsible and protect the woman he rescued. But the fierce independence that led Lily Moore to leave her family’s dairy business for the solitary life of a dog trainer and the isolation of her farm don’t make that easy. Neither does his unwanted attraction to her. Meanwhile, escalating incidents confirm that she’s far from safe.

Lily fears letting the surprisingly gentle retired marine into her life almost as much as she fears whoever is threatening her. As Wisconsin farmers edge toward another milk strike, one that will surely turn violent, it becomes clear that the plot against Lily may be part of a much larger conspiracy. When the search for her abductor leads close to home, she must decide whether to trust her family or the man who saved her life.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub

By Danielle Grandinetti


Excerpt 2
Pieter gave a sharp bark and trotted to the picture window. Smokey raised his floppy ears from
his spot curled at Miles’s side. Miles’s senses went on alert, but Lily offered an innocuous
“It’s their dinnertime.” She gathered the empty mugs. Smokey scrambled to the floor to trot after
“May I at least see you to the barn?” Trailing them, Miles shoved his hands in his pockets.
“Because you want my company, or because you’re worried about me going out there in the
dark?” Lily gave him a sideways glance before heading into the back room where she shrugged
on a coat and slipped her feet into work boots.
Both, but he’d stay away from the personal. “Well, Pieter did seem to hear something. And we
never got to discuss why you think you’re the bait.” Miles followed her outside. The dogs
brushed past and headed straight for the barn.
Lily stayed beside him, her voice quiet. “It’s just that the lethal danger started when you rescued
The moon that had been so brilliant last night—romantic, even—was now eclipsed by clouds.
Darkness covered the fields in an inky blanket. Not even a breeze stirred the corn. The hair on
the back of his neck rose—and not because of her observation.
“Come with me.” He grabbed Lily’s hand and hurried her toward the deepest shadows against
the barn wall. “You shouldn’t be exposed out here.”
“Just humor me. Call your dogs and stay as quiet as possible while I make sure the barn is
secure.” He pulled his Colt from his holster.
She gave a gasp so similar to the fearful one Mrs. St. Thomas had uttered earlier that it went
straight to Miles’s heart. Throwing ramifications to the wind, he placed a gentle kiss on her
forehead. Added a whispered prayer for her safety. Then disappeared into the barn.

As Silent as the Night

Title: As Silent as the Night

Series: Strike to the Heart

Author: Danielle Grandinetti

Publisher: Hearth Spot Press

Release Date: September 13, 2022

Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense, Christian

He can procure anything, except his heart’s deepest wish. She might hold the key, if she’s not discovered first.

Chicago, 1933―Lucia Critelli will do anything for her ailing grandfather, including stand in a breadline to have enough food to make him a St. Nicholas Day meal. When she catches the eye of a goon who threatens her grandfather, she discovers the end of Prohibition doesn’t mean the end of the mafia’s criminal activity.

Retired Marine Scout Giosue “Gio” Vella can find anything, especially if it helps a fellow Italian immigrant, so he has no doubt he can locate his neighbor’s granddaughter, who has gone missing from a local church. Keeping her safe is another matter. Especially when he chooses to hide out with his Marine buddy in Eagle, Wisconsin, the site of a barely-held truce among striking dairy farmers.

Will Christmas bring the miracle they all need or will Gio discover there are some things even he can’t find, particularly when he stumbles upon the most elusive gift of all: love.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookBub

By Danielle Grandinetti


Excerpt 2
Lucia tugged on her coat, a threadbare one that had seen too many winters. Gio slid his arm
over her shoulder and pulled her close. She didn’t balk; in fact, she seemed to tuck in closer.
“Buon compleanno, Lucia. Happy birthday.” He lowered his chin so he could see her, but as he
spoke, she raised her face to his, bringing her lips within a hair’s breadth of his.

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t move. A white puff of breath wisped between them. Cold
stiffened his extremities, and he flexed his fingers. So many reasons to put space between
them, but he had no desire to entertain them. He ran his gaze over Lucia’s olive skin, dipped to
her lips, then up to her warm, brown eyes. They searched his own, neither pushing forward nor
retreating, letting him decide whether he was done denying the truth to himself.
Si, this woman, she was special to him. He slid his hand down Lucia’s back, drawing her nearer
until her lips touched his. Si, si. More special than any other.


Danielle Grandinetti

Danielle Grandinetti is author of the Strike to the Heart series and a book blogger at Her short stories have appeared in several publications and her writing has won the University of Northwestern Distinguished Faith in Writing Award. Originally from the Chicagoland area, she now lives along Lake Michigan’s Wisconsin shoreline with her husband and their two young sons. Danielle especially loves quiet mornings served with the perfect cup of tea.

Connect with Danielle by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(1) winner will receive a paperback copy of the Strike to the Heart series and a tote bag featuring a dairy cow.

Strike to the Heart JustRead Giveaway

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Like The Wind by Robin Lee Hatcher

My Review

Like the Wind, by Robin Lee Hatcher, is a dual time line story that takes place mainly in Bethlehem Springs. When her father dies and with no preparation for her, Emma is forced to move to Bethlehem Springs with her mother. Only when she gets involved with the community drama program does she start accepting the situation. Tyler is also involved in the drama program and quickly becomes friends with Emma’s mother, which might be questionable because he was hired to investigate her and her ability to care for Emma.

This is a wonderfully written story that has so much emotions spread through out it. It is so realistic in the adjustment Emma and her mother have to go through. But her mother’s love shines through with all that she does for Emma. I enjoyed how the story in the diary shows how much faith was needed to live during the great depression. With the lose of multiple homes and a daughter, the writer struggles with her faith. This was an enjoyable, yet sad, to read.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this story from Thomas Nelson Publishers through NetGalley, this is my honest review.

About the Book

A life in pieces. A hundred-year-old journal. And a chance for love to be reborn.

Olivia Ward arrived in Bethlehem Springs alone—with no job, no home, and no money—after her manipulative ex-husband used his power and wealth to destroy everything. Six years later, the peaceful life she rebuilt is once again turned upside down when she learns that her fifteen-year-old daughter, Emma, will be coming to live with her. The reunion should be a dream come true, but years of deception have driven a wedge between them. And Emma seems more interested in an old diary she discovered than reconciliation with her mother.

Tyler Murphy knows what it’s like to lose everything. Propelled by his history in the foster-care system, he’s determined to root out dishonesty and protect the most vulnerable through his work as an investigator. When he’s hired to investigate Olivia Ward, though, he finds himself longing to believe she’s exactly who she appears to be, and he soon realizes that his desire to learn more about her has nothing to do with his job. But how can he pursue a relationship that began with a lie?

In this latest novel from award-winning author Robin Lee Hatcher, an antique diary, a family-fueled investigation, and unexpected feelings collide to create a promise that’s worth fighting for.

About the Author

Robin Lee Hatcher is the author of 85 novels and novellas with over five million copies of her books in print. She is known for her heartwarming and emotionally charged stories of faith, courage, and love. Her numerous awards include the RITA® Award, the Carol Award, the Christy Award, the HOLT Medallion, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the Faith, Hope & Love Reader’s Choice Award. Robin is also the recipient of prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards from both American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America®. When not writing, she enjoys being with her family, spending time in the beautiful Idaho outdoors, Bible art journaling, reading books that make her cry, watching romantic movies, and decorative planning. Robin makes her home on the outskirts of Boise, sharing it with a demanding Papillon dog and a persnickety tuxedo cat.

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The Rose and the Thistle by Laura Frantz

My Review

The Rose and the Thistle, by Laura Frantz, is a standalone story set in England and Scotland in 1715. While this is not a genre I read a lot, once I got into the book it became very hard for me to put it down. I enjoyed the characters in this story very much. Their faith and strength is very evident for them as they go through some of life’s hardest struggles. For Lady Blythe, she was taken away in the secret of the night and waits to hear of her father’s safety. For Everard, his father passes away and he is now left to take over as Lord Wedderburn.

This is a well written story that is filled with suspense and mystery with the perfect touch of romance. I enjoyed Blythe’s character as she kept herself busy helping others, even while locked away in the castle tower. I especially enjoyed the Hume brothers, they are all so different and Everhard is left to care for them. I appreciated how the two characters worked together during their struggles and how they both clung to their own religious beliefs and faith. The author has written a wonderful story of two families with a past that are there for each other when needed.

I voluntarily received a complimentary ARC copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

In 1715, Lady Blythe Hedley’s father is declared an enemy of the British crown because of his Jacobite sympathies, forcing her to flee her home in northern England. Secreted to the tower of Wedderburn Castle in Scotland, Lady Blythe awaits who will ultimately be crowned king. But in a house with seven sons and numerous servants, her presence soon becomes known.

No sooner has Everard Hume lost his father, Lord Wedderburn, than Lady Hedley arrives with the clothes on her back and her mistress in tow. He has his own problems–a volatile brother with dangerous political leanings, an estate to manage, and a very young brother in need of comfort and direction in the wake of losing his father. It would be best for everyone if he could send this misfit heiress on her way as soon as possible.

Drawn into a whirlwind of intrigue, shifting alliances, and ambitions, Lady Blythe must be careful whom she trusts. Her fortune, her future, and her very life are at stake. Those who appear to be adversaries may turn out to be allies–and those who pretend friendship may be enemies.

About the Author

Award-winning, bestselling author Laura Frantz is passionate about all things historical, particularly the 18th-century, and writes her manuscripts in longhand first. Her stories often incorporate Scottish themes that reflect her family heritage. She is a direct descendant of George Hume, Wedderburn Castle, Berwickshire, Scotland, who was exiled to the American colonies for his role in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, settled in Virginia, and is credited with teaching George Washington surveying. Proud of her heritage, she is also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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Targeted by Lynette Eason, Lynn H. Blackburn and Natalie Walters

My Review

Targeted: Three Romantic Suspense Novellas is a compilation of three outstanding Christian Romantic Suspense stories by three very talented authors. I enjoyed reading each of these stories as they are all very well written with great characters. The stories are fast paced stories that are filled with action, suspense, mystery and romance. The length of each story is perfect for an evening read.

In On the Run, I enjoyed the close relationship the agents had and how they worked together to protect each other.

With Deadly Objective, I enjoyed the relationship between Emily, Liam and the vice-president’s son, Mason. Mason has a reputation as being difficult, but he has been able to connect with Emily and Liam in ways others haven’t. I also enjoyed the relationship between Emily and her brother.

In Caught in the Crosshairs, I was caught of guard for the protectiveness of Army officer Ari toward CIA officer Claudia. Almost as soon as meeting he was watching out for her safety.

These are three great stories that contain characters from the authors’ series. It is nice to have a chance to catch up with them again in this way. I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book through the Revell Reads Blogger Program, this is my honest review.

About the Book

In this novella collection, an FBI computer hacker, the vice president’s son, and a CIA officer each find themselves in the clutches of merciless criminals. These thrilling stories offer excitement, intrigue, and romance–and hit the bullseye every time.


Get ready for triple the thrills with three heart-stopping stories from your favorite romantic suspense authors!

In On the Run, IT Specialist Daria Nevsky is a highly skilled FBI agent with the ability to hack any computer. She must go on the run to find out who wants her dead–and Dr. Ryker Donahue refuses to let her do it alone.

In Deadly Objective, physical therapist Emily Dixon and Secret Service Agent Liam Harper are committed to keeping their relationship professional. But when the vice president’s son enters the crosshairs of a killer, some lines will have to be crossed in order to keep him safe.

In Caught in the Crosshairs, there is no love lost between former Army PSYOPS officer Ari Blackman and CIA officer Claudia Gallegos after Claudia is implicated in the murder of a Saudi prince. But to prevent a coup that would put America at risk, they’ll have to learn to trust each other–before it’s too late.

About the Authors

Lynnette Eason is an award-winning author of over fifty books. “Her Stolen Past” was made into a movie for Lifetime Movie Network. Lynette is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Romance Writers of America (RWA), Mystery Writers of America (MWA), International Thriller Writers (ITW), and Faith, Hope, and Love (FHL) chapter of RWA as well as the Kiss of Death (KOD) chapter. You can read more about her and her books at:

Lynn H. Blackburn believes in the power of stories, especially those that remind us that true love exists, a gift from the Truest Love. Her Dive Team Investigations series includes Beneath the Surface and In Too Deep (a Fall 2018 Okra Pick and 2019 Selah finalist). The conclusion to the series, One Final Breath, releases in September 2019. She is also the author of Hidden Legacy and Covert Justice which won the 2016 Selah Award for Mystery and Suspense and the 2016 Carol Award for Short Novel.

Natalie Walters world revolves around GIJOE and their three adult (or almost adult) children who keep her life anything but predictable. Their boots hit the ground wherever the Army sends them but home is when they’re all together no matter the zipcode. Her passion is writing stories where adventure meets love and share her belief that life rooted in purpose is a story worth telling. You can read more about her and the books she has written at

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Matters of the Heart by Heidi Gray McGill

Matters of the Heart JustRead Blog + Review Blitz

Welcome to the Blog + Review Blitz for Matters of the Heart by Heidi Gray McGill, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Matters of the Heart

Title: Matters of the Heart

Series: Discerning God’s Best #3

Author: Heidi Gray McGill

Publisher: Heidi Gray McGill Books LLC

Release Date: July 26, 2022

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Romance

She determines to champion the needs of others, no matter the fallout.

He’s determined to be his own man and make his own way.

Will stubbornness keep them from discovering God’s best?

Unconventional Katie empathizes with the widows and orphans of the Civil War who are searching for a place to call home in Shumard Oak Bend. But with no one to help her, she’ll need to do it secretly, a challenge she readily accepts. Katie’s taken charge before, and she’ll do it again, no matter whom she has to outwit to get the job done.

Hans vows to stop doing everyone else’s bidding. But he follows orders when a pair of emerald green eyes, blazing red hair, and freckles that dance on the bridge of a pert nose conscript him to duty. Be his own man. Who is he kidding? Skunks don’t change their stripes. They leave disasters in their wake wherever they go, just like him.

Overcoming personal obstacles and finding your true self doesn’t mean going it alone. Yet the answer isn’t always in the one you seek.

True Christian Fiction. Relatable Characters. Life-changing stories.

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Excerpt 2

“So, you’re settling in Shumard Oak Bend?”
He hadn’t considered it until now, but the thought gave him peace. “Yes, I believe it’s as
good a town as any.” He stared off into the distance, seeing red hair bouncing in the wind.
“You are still welcome to build here.”
Hans shook his head. “Thank you, but I think I have a future in Shumard Oak Bend.”
“Might there be a lady there?”
He jerked his gaze to his brother, and the muscle in his neck ached at the quick movement.
He rubbed the spot.
Deep, throaty laughter filled the air as Johann’s hand came to rest on Hans’s shoulder. The
familiar touch crumpled his resolve.
“Yes,” Hans said.

“Does she have a name?”
“Katie. Kathleen Orla Murphy.”
“I see. And what color are her eyes?”
“Green with little golden flecks.” Hans stopped, and his eyes went wide. He slapped his
brother in the chest. “That wasn’t fair.”
“Oh, that was fair and telling.”

My Review

Matters of the Heart is the third book in the Discerning God’s Best series by Heidi Gray McGill. While this is part of a series, I had no issues with reading just this book. Katie has left her home and lives with her aunt. She has a dream of having an orphanage. Hans has left his brother’s home to get away from his sister-in-law and start a new life. He is plagued with dreams from his time in the Civil War. Both Hans and Katie have caring hearts.

This is a well written story with many wonderful characters. I liked how Reverend Jenkins explains the difference of being a pastor and being a preacher and of his observations of Hans. I enjoyed the good natured teasing the community gave Hans. It was fun to read how Aideen became the owner of the boarding house and restaurant.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.


Heidi Gray McGill

Whether historical or contemporary, you will find Heidi Gray McGill‘s works to be true Christian Fiction, full of God’s redeeming love. Everything Heidi writes is purposeful. She believes in bringing a reader into the awareness of who God is to them and how He interacts with them on a personal level. She does this by crafting characters so relatable you feel part of who they are. Heidi reaches deep into the reader’s heart through masterfully written words and offers ways toward healing by seamlessly applying God’s Word throughout her stories.

Connect with Heidi by visiting her website to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


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