Key on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Key on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson is book one in The Quilt Chronicles written in 2012. This is a series of stand alone stories that refer to a special quilt. In this story we meet Jane, who in in the Nebraska State Penitentiary for murder. .

This is a beautifully written story that shows points out that God’s love is everywhere. It also shows the extreme Jane went through to protect her daughter, and the love her daughter has for her, even though she has not seen her for years. It was interesting to read how the women in the prisons were treated different. While the men could go outside and had job opportunities, women were kept inside their ward with nothing to do. I enjoyed seeing how things changed. I especially enjoyed the reason for the quilt being sewn onto the quilt and the truth being revealed for the murder of Jane’s abusive husband.

This is an enjoyable story to read. The story gives a glimpse into what prison life was for women in the 1870’s. The story has mystery with what was happening in the women’s ward and a relationship that grows between on of the guards and the matron.

About the Book

In 1875 at Nebraska State Penitentiary, three women attempt to pursue God’s purpose for their lives. Jane Prescott is serving a ten-year sentence for murder. Can one caring physician help to reveal the truth and bring her daughter back to her. Matron Mamie Dawson feels called to help the wounded women in her charge. But while heling those around her, will she stubbornly keep the attentions of the kind guard at arm’s length?

Warden’s wife Ellen McKenna has changed her preconceptions about these female prisoners. But will a life or death situation make her change her mind?

Prison walls were made to keep people in, but they cannot keep God’s love out. In this unique setting, three women find love, truth, and the grace of God.

About the Author

A native of southern Illinois, Stephanie Grace Whitson has lived in Nebraska since 1975. She began what she calls “playing with imaginary friends” (writing fiction) when, as a result of teaching her four homeschooled children Nebraska history, she was personally encouraged and challenged by the lives of pioneer women in the West. Since her first book, Walks the Fire, was published in 1995, Stephanie’s fiction titles have appeared on the ECPA bestseller list numerous times and been finalists for the Christy Award, the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, and ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year. Her first nonfiction work, How to Help a Grieving Friend, was released in 2005. In addition to serving in her local church and keeping up with two married children, two college students, and a high school senior, Stephanie enjoys motorcycle trips with her family and church friends. Her passionate interests in pioneer women’s history, antique quilts, and French, Italian, and Hawaiian language and culture provide endless story-telling possibilities.

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